SlateMC [PvP] {Factions} {Crazy Enchantments} {SilkSpawners}…

SlateMC [PvP] {Factions} {Crazy Enchantments} {SilkSpawners} {SupplyCrates} {mcMMO} {Raiding} {Ranks} {New Server} {1.7-1.12.2} {/wild} {/points} {All Ages}

– 1.7-1.12.2 – Server is on 1.12.2 – 25% off sale until 8th October – Great/Friendly Community & Staff – McMMO – Ranks – Crazy Enchantments – Factions, PVP, Raiding – /wild – SupplyCrates – Economy – /points system & shop – & ALOT more! –

This server runs on 1.12.2 but you can connect with clients from 1.7 to 1.12.2

If you are a fan of PvP and raiding, our server is for you, We include CrazyEnchantments, SilkSpawners, mcMMO, FactionsChat, FBasics, /wild, SupplyCrates and more to make Factions even More Exciting! Your goal on factions is to make a faction, get Players in your faction and build a base! You can raid other’s Factions, and your faction can be raided too, but if you use obsidian, and have a large claim, then enemy factions will have to build a TNT Cannon and attempt to blow up the Obsidian, and vise versa! If you see someone else’s base on your exploration then it is 100% fine to go and steal items from that base, This is very fun for those who enjoy PvP and working in a team!

Our IP is

Our website is:


Griefing – Is allowed but not in Safezone/Warzone

Advertising – Not Allowed

Hacking – Isn’t allowed.

Swearing – Not allowed our Chat is PG

Respect – Give everyone respect.

Impersonating – Do not Impersonate Staff or other players.

Spamming – Do not spam, we appreciate if you are for example: streaming and want your link to be seen, but please! Don’t spam it!

You can do /rules in-game to see our rules list.

Our Staff Team

This is our staff team, who are friendly and able to help you when you need

Owner – ANRKJosh

Sr. Admin(s) – AngryDemolisher, MVW3R

Admin(s) – Alex_Boy99

Jr. Admin(s) – killerbri

Sr Mod(s) – Availing

Mod(s) – DeyanBG, _Squishyy

Jr. Mod(s) – xtremexmadness


our IP is:

our website is:

And we allow clients to join from 1.7 to 1.12.2