NerdNu [PvE][Creative][Minigames]{1.12.2} CONNECT WITH: Servers…

NerdNu [PvE][Creative][Minigames]{1.12.2}


Servers are updated!

  • PvE: (1.12.2)
  • Creative: (1.12.2)
  • Minigames (1.12.2)

We are a medium sized server, looking for players who like mostly vanilla gameplay and a strong sense of community.

If you’ve tried many servers, and can’t find that sense of belonging that you felt when you first played minecraft, come and visit us – we’d love to have you!

We have a lot of community minded players who do awesome things like this alongside playing: A.L.I.E.N.S. – Trailer

Thinking of joining us? Watch the new intro video made by one of our staff, and check out our introductory post for useful info!

More information can also be found through our subreddit /r/mcpublic.

Our Servers

All our servers work with the vanilla launcher and you can easily swap between servers ingame with /pve /creative and /minigames commands!

PvE – This is our non-PvP server – come along and join us! Players build in survival mode, but only need to worry about mobs! A lot of people collaborate to build towns and cities as for example seen here.
The PvE server has a new map that is only two weeks old, so it’s a great time to join! (
Livemap is also now up again!

Creative – Our creative server is mostly open world, and a mixture of naturally generated and world painted terrain. Protection is available for your builds, and WorldEdit is free for you to use, if you want to. Revision reset day has been announced, but there’s plenty of time to build still!

Minigames – Our minigames server hosts ongoing KOTH and CTF matches with rotating maps, custom kits and an auto-updating scoreboard (see the trailer here!). You can also view current rankings on our website. More game modes will be available soon!

Upcoming & Ongoing Events

Creative Speedbuild (
October 7th @9.00pm EDT

Minigames FFS Friday
Every Friday @9:00pm EDT

See more news & events here, or keep up to date by following our Twitter account!

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