Midgard [SMP][PVE]{Whitelist}{1.12}{18+}{6 years} Looking for a…

Midgard [SMP][PVE]{Whitelist}{1.12}{18+}{6 years}

Looking for a new Minecraft home? We are 6+ years strong with a small but very friendly community!

Server Name: Midgard MC

Admins: NgtFlyer (owner), Nullmatrix, Spinnibbler and Vantes

Server Location: Atlanta, GA USA

Website: www.midgardmc.com

Dynmap: Midgard Survival

Facebook http://ift.tt/2pSh67O

Twitter http://twitter.com/midgardmc

– Midgard (Main survival map) – 20,000 blocks!
– Resource (For gathering mass resources and mining, reset often)
– Flatland (Creative, Great for prototyping)

– Midgard is a family-friendly server. Keep builds and conversation to PG level.
– Please no discussion of politics and related topics in server chat. – You must be 18 or older to apply.
– No griefing
– No stealing
– No cheating
– No hacked clients. Non-cheaty mods are OK, see the Full Rules
– Please do not build too close to your neighbors or spawn.
– Please do not advertise anything, be it another Minecraft server, your company’s product, etc.

Server address: Upon whitelist approval.

Founded: May 2011

Operates 24/7, 365. On rare instances where we have to be offline, we will announce via Twitter.

Server Stats: Dedicated Machine
– Core-i5 3470 3.2ghz
– 16 GB RAM
– SSD based. FAST!
– Backups are made every day.

Currently running the latest build of Spigot 1.12.2!
Come join us on our Discord server! We also have a Mumble server that our players can use!

Who Are We?
Midgard is a 6 year old whitelist server featuring a very large 20,000 block map. We have a network of roads and rails in place for easy travel, but there is also plenty of untouched space for you to pick out and build upon. Our admin team has been in place for years and we are very stable. There is no drama among our admins or our fine community. While we have players that have been members for years, we always welcome new players to come join us. This server is entirely volunteer run. We do not have ranks. We keep the experience very close to vanilla Minecraft with a few enhancements for your convenience. We aren’t laden with minigames and multiple chat modes. We run a tight ship but we have a lot of fun. Our server is a family friendly environment. We do not discriminate. Our community hails from all over the world and we come from all walks of life. If you love playing Minecraft, we welcome you with open arms.

A few screenshots from around our server

If this sounds like a place you would like to call your new Minecraft home, won’t you join us?

Please submit your new player request at our website. We will respond as quickly as possible!

All information will be kept strictly confidential. We do not give or sell anything to anybody, ever!

We hope to hear from like-minded players who would like to join our community. Because life happens, some of our players cannot be on the server regularly, but their builds wait for their return. If you have to be away, you will be given the same respect! Also, as some players have left over the years, we’d love to have our community grow, and share what we think is a great place to play. We are just a community of people who love Minecraft, and gaming in general. We are not looking for numbers, we are looking for like-minded players who will truly enjoy what our server has to offer. We have a great community that continues to grow. We hope you’ll join us!