BlueShift Server [Semi-vanilla] {Survival} {Whitelist} {Small…

BlueShift Server [Semi-vanilla] {Survival} {Whitelist} {Small Community} {PC}

We are a small group of people who like to launch the game and relax, do some simple grind or build something awesome. I intend to keep the server up forever as well as to avoid map resets, so we keep the world clean and finish our builds. Have a look at our world map.

There are no restrictions on the server, we are all mature and trust each other. We love building, so you’ll fit in well if you enjoy creating awesome things in Minecraft.

What we have on the server:

  • Customised vanilla preset – vanilla terrain that looks beautiful again.

  • Le Monde (hand-made terrain in a separate dimension)

  • Dynmap – server overview map.

  • Separate creative world just for testing and prototyping (world edit is also allowed). Separate resource worlds for getting sand, clay, ice, podzol and other unique blocks. We want to preserve the nature on our main map and keep it neat and clean.

  • We added some more options for decoration: you can get any player head by renaming wither skulls, convert logs to full-bark logs using bonemeal (and if you use flint on double slab block you’ll get polished version). Also, we tried to make our building experience a bit more pleasant in general by making blocks destroyed by creepers and ghasts regenerate after some time, disabling fire spread and adding one player sleep to skip the night.

  • One of our members asked to import his personal world onto the server. If you find freedom of creative and worldedit attractive, feel free to join his massive terraforming/building project.

How to apply:

  • [Required] Send me some images of your previous builds. I don’t ask for anything massive, but would like to see something pretty and original, built with taste. If you are not sure, don’t be shy to send it anyway. If you are technical player that got here by mistake – I expect your redstone to be color coded 😛

  • [Required] Tell what appealed to you in our server.

  • Do you have anything specific in mind you would like to build, or just follow the inspiration?

  • What is your favourite terrain?

  • Timezone/age (if you don’t mind sharing these – I add these to our participants list)


  • Don’t leave builds sad and unfinished.

  • Be excellent to each other.