AlphaCrafters SMP [SMP] {mcMMO} {Grief Prevention} {Custom…

AlphaCrafters SMP [SMP] {mcMMO} {Grief Prevention} {Custom terrain} {Voting}

Welcome to AlphaCrafters!

We are a 1.12.2 Survival server utilizing some game enhancing plugins as well as our own custom code. We are constantly striving to maintain the best server quality possible with our dedicated staff. We aim to create an enhanced vanilla Minecraft experience with popular features such as:

  • McMMO
  • Land Claims
  • A Vote Shop
  • The AlphaCore custom-made plugin
  • Player shops using item based economy
  • A time based rankup system. Go from a humble Janitor all the way to Grandmaster!
  • The epic terrain generator for exciting exploration opportunities
  • And much much more!

We also have a unique Spawn experience. Players will initially spawn in the commanders seat of our “Spawn Ship” and will be able to take one of our drop ships to a preset location in the overworld. These drop ships locations change on a monthly basis giving players an opportunity to explore from different points in the world.

We welcome players of all ages and skill levels! Whether your goal is a small house or a massive city, we’d love to see you on AlphaCrafters!

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Check out our rules at: AlphaCrafters

Here’s some preview images: