Alpine Retold [Adventure] {Pixelmon}{Quests}{Gyms} IP:…

Alpine Retold [Adventure] {Pixelmon}{Quests}{Gyms}

Alpine retold is an MMORPG-like Adventure server with many different features and activities for both Casual players and competitive players.. Our server uses pixelmon dark.

  • Massive Open World Custom Adventure Map
  • 12 Unique Towns/Cities to explore!
  • Story! Discover The region with story filled quests.
  • Interactive, Story Driven Quests!
  • Interactive Guilds! Choose to be good or evil!
  • Not Pay 2 win! Fair Donation Shop!
  • Warm And Helpfull Community!
  • Unique Housing System! buy any house in the region
  • 8 official Player Gyms And Elite 4! (8 New NPC gyms coming soon!)
  • Many Different Events/Unique Minigames! (Racing, Electrodeball, Safari Zone, more…)