Wetfjord [semi-vanilla] {whitelist} {1.12.1} Are you looking…

Wetfjord [semi-vanilla] {whitelist} {1.12.1}

Are you looking for:

  • A chill server with no map resets?
  • A nice community with no bullshit, just awesome friends like in the beginning of minecraft?
  • A stable server, with minimal downtime and doing its best to keep up-to-date with plugin & server updates?

Are you:

  • A cool guy/girl/whatever that knows that griefing is not okay?
  • Over 10 years old and can take it that we make immature jokes from time to time?
  • A guy/girl/whatever that hates drama?

Then you are welcome to apply to our server, we are a whitelist enabled as-vanilla-as-possible server with no bullshit, just a bunch of people that like to play minecraft together. Around christmas we were about 20 people online most of the day, now we are a bit less because of school etc.

Anyway, welcome to apply on this link or comment here / send me a PM, (comments or pm’s are not checked often at all, so best bet is the website)

The rules are simple: dont be a jerk to people, no griefing, stealing, or xraying. It’s OK to take from farms as long as you replant. Common sense is important.

See y’all around!

/the owner of wetfjord