Virtual Toast MC [Vanilla] [SMP] {whitelist} {1.12.1} {Mature…

Virtual Toast MC [Vanilla] [SMP] {whitelist} {1.12.1} {Mature players}

Virtual Toast is a vanilla MC server running 1.12.1. The current map has been running since March 2017 and has a few established facilities; an iron farm, enderman XP farm, blaze farm, hostile mob-drop farm, a wither skelly farm, a gold farm and a new Ghast/gold farm! There’s a spawn area with a facility building, portal and a safe place to stay for the first few nights.
The owner is mature (old), and the staff are responsible. The server is SMP on difficulty Normal and our main focus is building awesome things on a long-term map.
If you are a mature player who likes the grind of vanilla Minecraft and the challenge of building in survival then check us out! We need more players! Come join us, bring some friends and help us make a fun community.
For more information and a FAQ check out our forum website
* No griefing or stealing
* No cheating
* Respect server members and staff
* No advertising
* Use your common sense

To apply for access
We are a while-listed server, to apply for access see our website and apply using the online form.
Hope to see you in game!