Total War: Earth [PVP] [Chaos] {1.12} Server Name: TOTAL WAR:…

Total War: Earth [PVP] [Chaos] {1.12}


Server Trailer:“Old-Server-Trailer!”


=====================Server Lore Start======================

The year is 1750, you are busy tending your field in central Europe. As you are busy plowing, a great sound of engines rolls across the sky and fields like that of roaring thunder. You look up, and see just what you expected. A mighty German airship slowly moves through the air, its massive turrets and armor gleaming in the bright summer sun. As it passes over your field, the noise not only frightens away the pesky crows, but i also seems to have upset your milk cow and other farm animals. To much in awe to be angered, you watch the airship sail away into the distance, closely followed by its escort of small airskiffs…

Welcome to the world of total war, a world set on an alternate timeline, a timeline in which religious persecutions, and the great 30 years war never happened. A timeline in which the Roman empire was able to hold back the barbarian invaders from sacking Rome. Because of this, Europe was never plunged into the dark ages, it remained in a seemingly never ending age of discovery. On top of this, a magical rock, christened ‘redstone’ by its Roman discoverers was never hunted down and destroyed for being ‘witch craft’. Instead, religious leaders left it alone, and in the late 1500s it was discovered to do more than make a pretty glow, it could power things. the worlds top scientists set to work immediately, learning how to better harness its power, and, eventually, making lighter-than-air ships with massive cannons that now grace the heavens above. Due to this, colonies grew quickly, trans Atlantic travel quickened from months to mere days, and even though the rest of technology was still in the 1600’s where Flintlock pistols, muskets, blunderbuss, and hand to hand all still dominate the battlefield, this gave the world a new glow in itself, a glow of WAR.

The age of discovery seems to be ending though, scientists struggle to find anything revolutionary. As the world stops finding new and exciting things, nations are growing in an ever shrinking world. It is only a matter of time until war breaks out, and when it does, whos side will you take? What will you fight for? Will you stand your ground against impossible odds or break at the first sign of adversity?

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities, a world where you decide what happens, a world that is merely a powder keg waiting for a spark….

welcome, to total war.

=====================Server Lore End======================+

=====================Connection Information Start===================

Server Version: 1.9 (but 1.10 and 1.11 can join too)




=====================Connection Information End===================

=====================Server Features Start===================

Special Features:

  • MOVECRAFT (working Boats/planes/tanks/torpedos)

  • No Bull-Shit Owner

  • Enchants are Disabled

  • Potions are Disabled

  • minecraft boat crafting disabled to promote movecraft usage

  • Cannot use water walls or lava walls for bases!

  • Capture Cargo route city’s/Regions with /siege function


=====================Server Features End===================

=====================Server Computer Features Start===================

Computer Specs:

CPU: Intel i3 7350K 4.2ghz (5th best CPU for Single thread performance)

Mother-Board:MSI H110M Gaming LGA 1151 Intel H110 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

Ram: x1 8GB DDR4 RipJaw Gskill @2400hz Link:

Video Graphics: Integrated in mother board (it’s a server computer LOL)

Power supply: a 500W Power supply, nothing to write home about but gets the job done.

Case: It’s a micro-atx case, nothing special, Black with Blue and some internal LEDS.

Hard Drive: 500GB Sata III 6mb/s Hard Drive (seagate)

Operating System: Windows 10

Internet: 100MB/s connection ( My wired computer has like a 29-35MB/s upload speed with a 85-100 MB/s download speed)

**Wired Cat 6 from Router. Router and Cable modem are aftermarket to

allow much higher rate of transfer then stock ISP equipment. **

=====================Server Computer Features End===================

=====================Description of Unique Server Features Start ===================

Build your castles, train your troops, and vanquish your foes on the field of battle!

With our plugin ** movecraft:** you can now Make any craft from our list block by block, pilot them, and use them! AKA, Move around, load them onto a fleet of mighty ships to rule the waves! Make AA ground turrets to shoot down enemy planes attacking you, make your own fleets of airships, and submersible crafts, do what YOU want! and Yes, those boats and planes MOVE!

Need troops? you will be able to Raise an army by growing a minecraft villager village, the more villagers your faction or nation has, the more 1-life troops you get per week (We have a staff member who only does this, max atm is 40villagers=8 1-Life npcs soldiers a week)

Want to be a farmer? Trader? shipwright? you can make GOOD money in each profession.

Crack shot with guns added!! (flintlock pistols, Muskets, Blunderbuss’s) (Throwing spears too!)

RACE Plugin! We have 10 custom ancestry races that give you certain bonus’s depending on where you’re character was from! (North/South American, Asian, Mediterranean, and more!)

Trade routes multiple player controllable cities,Server cities are setup so that players have to travel to them for best prices on essential items, making the economy Player driven, and dynamic.

Players will be able to fight over entire cities and…. if your faction was big enough you

can literally claim around the Trading port and blockade that city to only allies and you!

The server is currently in alpha, so things will change, and bugs will be found and dealt with. we are heavily based off of the Real total war game franchise, working daily with players to recreate a first person version of Total war! You can build you’re empire Block by Block, or tear another faction down in the same manner. This server is not for the weak of heart, you’re builds will be damaged if you start things with other players (you can only take damage to faction lands while you are online). Server towns are opening up to promote trade, and need to travel, we are growing fast, join us!

=====================Description of Unique Server Features End ===================

=====================List of Movecraft Crafts Start ===================

Server Craft list includes:

Drill (can drill through all stones and ores, to collect ores or to be used to drill an attack tunnel into enemy lands)

Carrier (a boat that can carry a lot of other blocks, like fighter jets or bomber planes or tanks)

Ram (can go through walls of enemys, or be used to collect stones and woods)

Plow (can harvest crops into chests while you drive over them)

Hand cannon (just what is sounds like, a portable craft, with cannons allowed on it)

PlaneFactory (a factory craft to allow mass production of crafts)

sailboat (small boat)

smallship (mid sized boat)

bigship (biggest boat)

Tank (a tank craft)

Elevator (an elevator to move people or crafts up and down)

Airship (flyable air ship, used as a destroyer in the sky, or bomber)

Airskiff (small plane type craft, yes you can equip it with torpedos, bombs and firecharges)

BigAirskiff (medium plane type craft)

citygate.craft (for making custom gates and LARGE doors)

LaunchASM.craft (Air to Surface Missile Craft)

LaunchSAM.craft (Surface to Air missile Craft)

Torpedo.craft ( torpedos)

TorpTurret.craft (turrets for torpedos)

Turret.craft (for AA guns and land crafts for defense)

=====================List of Movecraft Crafts End ===================

Come check us out!

The entire goal is to let the players create their own

world without any un-needed intervention of the owner or administrators.