LezaMC [SMP]{Towny}{McMMO} Have you been looking, for the…

LezaMC [SMP]{Towny}{McMMO}

Have you been looking, for the perfect Towny server with a chilled environment, Slimefun, Custom Enchants and Quests? This is the perfect server for you! More information below

About the server

We’re a medium sized network, featuring Towny. We’ve got a very unique environment with chilled players, YouTubers, talented & active staff members for all needs. We’re making sure that the server maintains it’s environment, as that’s what people love about us. We’re not your typical server.

We want to expand our network to a larger community to allow for more players to experience the same experience that ours do now, it’s one you will not want to miss therefore come and join us!

YouTubers & Streamers Are you a YouTuber or Streamer?

Check this post: http://ift.tt/2eVJ8Z3

Wanting to become staff?

Check out this post: http://ift.tt/2vU0w7D

Wanting to become a paid staff member?

Add me on discord: lukemango#5552

Anything else?

Join our discord: http://ift.tt/2eVJa37

RULES – Please do not be disrespectful to ANYONE Griefing/Destroying other peoples work is not allowed Do not use any hacked clients Do not spam the chat