GR1MQR4FT [Modded][Hub] Server Name: GR1MQR4FT Server…

GR1MQR4FT [Modded][Hub]

  • Description: No whitelists, no lag, &we’re up 24/7 guaranteed or your blocks back. We are an active community of crafters currently developing QRAFT while also running an Age of Engineering server. At some point the community will decide what modpacks to move to next. We have years of experience administering modded Minecraft servers and staff are always on hand to quickly resolve any issues you’re having. Whether you’re a veteran or new to modded Minecraft this is a great place to meet up with like minded folks and learn together.

  • Rules: No Grief/Theft!; No racism; No advertising; / #info

  • Server Hardware: Dedicated server: – 4.4ghz Intel i7 / 16 GB DDR3 / 2x 120GB SSD / 100+ MBps (hosted with OVH US)