Freebuilders! [SMP] {1.12.1} {Whitelist} {16+} Freebuilders…

Freebuilders! [SMP] {1.12.1} {Whitelist} {16+}

Freebuilders Minecraft 2.0 – A Lovely SMP Server.


Server IP: <– Use this to log on!


Website: (/r/freebuilders)



Freebuilders is a gaming community in which mature players enjoy pure vanilla Minecraft. This means that we’re a Survival Multiplayer (SMP) server with only the slightest of tweaks to improve gameplay. The game play is survival with a few smart commands here and there (like /rtp for random teleportation). Our goal is to make a beautiful end to end server experience–from the server’s subreddit and the new user feel, to things like the uptime and server performance. Community is also a key component of Freebuilders, and we strive to keep the community clean of immature players. To that end, we use a whitelist to screen players. Strictly speaking, we’re a 16+ server (unless younger players can show maturity). If an issue does occur, we can use a plugin called Coreprotect to roll back the damage. Finally, we run weekly challenges and a monthly podcast to keep the community engaged and to award bonus permissions. We’re constantly improving our server experience, inside and out.

Everything has been meticulously set up. Now it’s just up to you to join us!


1) No griefing or raiding.

2) Be friendly in the chat–no advertising, swearing, etc.

3) Don’t build one block towers or ruin landscapes.

4) No hacks/mods (texture packs allowed).

5) Respect the staff and the players.

6) Build at least 20 blocks away from others.

7) Use the website to stay updated.


The_Sizzler–Owner and director of funds. /u/sizzler

Cyanide_–Lead developer. /u/cyanide44

Gharmonica–In-game moderator. /u/gharmonica

Mhoving–In-game moderator. /u/Buurmanvanhiernaast

Davdinges–In-game moderator. /u/davdinges

Whitelist Application:

Apply for the whitelist by going to this link.

Remember, this application is our only way to see your maturity, so please put some thought into the answers.