WolfyCraft [SMP] {Towny} {Economy} {Grief Prevention} {McMMO}…

WolfyCraft [SMP] {Towny} {Economy} {Grief Prevention} {McMMO} {1.12}



○ Towny ○ Survival ○ MCMMO ○ Grief Prevention


Thanks for checking us out 🙂

We’re a small server that hopes to welcome you soon! Unlike bigger servers, we try and focus on each and every player. Through our gameplay and server enviroment, we hope to achieve a close to original Minecraft experience, with a few little extras added to make the game fun.


  • Just have fun! 😀
  • PVP is allowed, just don’t go crazy
  • Hacks/Cheats obviously, not allowed.

Towny Experience

Create your own town, or join one with friends. We have the towny plugin so that you can enjoy building in a safe without the fear of being griefed or stolen from. Build your town, expand your realm, create a nation. Whatever you do, is up to you!

Chest Protection

We have Lockette, which is really simple to use! Just place your chest, place a sign next to the chest and enjoy protection from any of your items being stolen 😀 and just in case you forget, we can see who took your items ^

Rollback | Grief Prevention

With LogBlock, you can build safely knowing that if anything does happen… and it very rarely does! We can easily roll anything back. So you can spend time perfecting that perfect house of yours knowing it will be here in the morning 😀

Economy and loads more 😀

Why don’t you come and check us out?