[Wanted][PvE]{McMMO} Server with no world border, and at least 5…

[Wanted][PvE]{McMMO} Server with no world border, and at least 5 or so active players.

Must haves:

  • One of these:
    • No world border. (this is preferred)
    • A world border of at least 200k in all four directions.
  • McMMO.
  • A minimum of two players online at all times.
  • Can’t be a ‘Hub’ server. (You know, the gigantic spammy types like Hypixel or DesiredCraft. Having multiple worlds with creative or whatever on them is perfectly fine lol.)
  • Can’t be a forced ‘alternate gameplay’ type; such as prison or rpg.

Would be nice to have, but not required:

  • No restrictions; meaning the open-ended freedom of single player. (No restricted blocks, no farm or redstone limits, etc.)
  • Jobs, with buyable ranks via ingame currency earned from Jobs.
  • A friendly, helpful, passionate community.
  • A playerbase that’s almost always chatting; no silence.
  • A relatively large playerbase; a good 30+ people.
  • An owner (or owners?) that actively plays the server, as a player.
  • No ‘server shop’ to buy stuff with real money.
  • No PvP.
  • No Minigames.

It’s been about two years or so since I posted here with outrageous demands, in search of a ‘perfect’ server. Last year, I ended up creating my own (which obviously died out, lol) and then I began playing Minecraft’s predecessor; Wurm. However, my desire to seek out a server to play has been rekindled. After reading through my previous appalling wanted posts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), I typed up the above list in the hopes that it’s less … well, less like my previous ones.

Something to keep in mind, is that I play servers mostly for the company of other players to chat with. It becomes lonely, and there’s a … well, an almost ’empty/frightening’ feeling in single player. Not sure how to describe that feeling. Like I have a deep-set apprehension to play, without others being within the gameworld. However, I also don’t wish to actually ‘physically’ participate in the community itself. Meaning I generally won’t do things like buying/selling, co-op builds, or any other kinda multiplier activities. I’d just go off go my own, and only use the ingame chat system as my sole means of community participation.

I did just post this a little bit ago, but I ended up deleting it and changing the title after realising I made a mistake with my priorities due to a misconception. If you’re curious, the relevant context about this realisation is here.

Looking forwards to any replies.