Sunflower Kingdom [SMP] [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1.12} {UK}…

Sunflower Kingdom [SMP] [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1.12} {UK} {Mature} {Community} {Discord}

Server name: Sunflower Kingdom

Server website:

Server IP address:

Minecraft version: 1.12


1. Stealing is NOT allowed.

2. Do not ask for spawned items or teleports. Everyone plays on survival, even ops.

3. Griefing is NOT allowed. The map gets backed up regularly so it’s your own time that you’re wasting.

4. No hacking, using modifications or see-through texture packs/cheat packs of any kind. The only mod currently allowed is Optifine.

5. Use common sense.

6. Do NOT kill the initial Ender Dragon. This is done as a server event.

7. No using in-game exploits that give you an advantage over other players e.g. item duplication.

Recommended: (Not official rules)

1. Do NOT hit pigmen in the Nether. This will cause a swarm of pigmen which harasses all other players in the Nether. Try to be careful if you need to hit a pigman, and don’t hit them around other people.

2. Engage with the community! This will encourage other players to engage in the community as well.


Welcome to Sunflower Kingdom! This is a vanilla whitelisted server ran 24/7. We are looking for new members to add to our tight-knit community!

We do several weekly events such as UHC, Race for the Wool, Building Game etc. involving Discord calls. These events take place on our event server separate from the SMP server.

We like to think of ourselves as more than just a server, we are a community. We want players that want to play with others and not just run off to the edge of the map and never communicate.

We are a vanilla server, but we have generated the map using Realistic Terrain Generation. Nothing is different from a vanilla server except for the generation of our terrain, which looks more realistic and immersive. No other modifications are made to the server affecting the vanilla Minecraft experience and the mod is now gone as we have generated a massive map. I suggest looking into the mod as I am sure you will find it very appealing! It makes Minecraft worlds absolutely beautiful and even more fun to explore!

On our current map some of us are creating mini communities in many different areas so that we can trade, have wars, cooperate on builds etc. So if this interests you please apply!

We currently have players from numerous countries. Some examples would be Sweden, UK, The Netherlands, Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil and even Lebanon! The server is hosted in the UK but even players in Australia are finding the connection excellent!

As of right now most players tend to be between 18-25, but there are players ranging from 16-60! No matter how old you are there will be players around a similar age and similar maturity, so you wont feel like an outsider.

We have an active Discord group chat which is used for frequent calls and server events. The majority of the server uses this and it is a great way to connect to the community!

I have several years of experience running successful vanilla whitelist servers and the server is committed to staying up for an indefinite amount of time.

The server is intended to act like a democracy with a forum for discussions and voting. Maps will not be changed unless the majority agree to it. Events will be hosted at times suitable for most players. Any changes to the server will be discussed and voted with the community. Every player has equal say.

The server RAM is 5GB, which is plenty for a vanilla whitelist server. It can be upgraded at any time if the server starts to lag.

The server is fairly active, with an average of 5 players being online at once, sometimes with 10+ at peak times. There is almost always at least one or two players on, even during the early morning period. So you will not feel lonely!

Please apply on our website. Feel free to reply for any other queries or questions. Hope to see you on the server!