Sharkitcraft [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1.12} Sharkitcraft Realms…

Sharkitcraft [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1.12}

Sharkitcraft Realms Server

Overview – Sharkitcraft Realms is a Hermitcraft style server, that aims at bringing a small community together to create large scale projects, and cooperate in a single world.


  • No stealing
  • No griefing
  • No PVP unless mutual
  • No hacking
  • Swearing is allowed, but please do not be excessive
  • No building too close to spawn
  • Please show respect
  • No catastrophic pranks
  • No duplicating items, we’ve already had to ban 3 people for this.

Background information

I’ve been inspired by Hermitcraft for many years now, and I really want to bring a small community together to create something very similar. I really would just like some players to join and bring some life into the world, and I would love to see some really neat bases, shops and buildings created. I really would love to see players put time and effort into this realm, and see it become filled with life and emotion, displayed in builds. Our current community is very friendly, and we love to talk in chat. Please feel free to send me a personal message, or leave a reply if you have any questions concerning the Realm or myself, SharkDice.

Server Information

Concerning the server, we have coloured names, the Hermitcraft mob head loot drops, and the Hermitcraft advancement pack. I’m willing to let players build shops, claim islands and sections of land for their own, and I highly encourage forms of farms, AFK’ing, and grinders. The world has the mob grinder count at the max, and a few players have already started building and making their base, so I reccomend if you want to join, you join soon!

Joining The Server

If you wish to join the server, please send me a personal message, or reply to this post with:

  • Username
  • Age
  • Ideas for builds

I will send you an invite to the realm, and I will reply to your message confirming your admittance to the Realm.

Thank you for taking the time to read this server post, I appreciate your consideration!