DiscWorld [Semi-vanilla][PvE][SMP]{Extra…

DiscWorld [Semi-vanilla][PvE][SMP]{Extra hard}{1.12.1}{whitelist}{discord}{Europe}{2 months old server, 5 year old community}

I finally made my dream-server come true. After playing this game for 7 years I need a bigger challenge. I already have a nice little group of players. But we always love new friends. If you are a mature player wanting an extra challenge but love the vanilla feel to the game. You should join us.

About the server: The extra challenge is no life regen, you can only heal by using potions, golden apple or a beacon. There’s also a 2 hour ban on death, to discourage people using the “easy” way to get all hearts fixed. We also have a death counter on the tab menu.

The few plugins we do have is for safety mostly. But we do also have an economy. Just to make trade easier. Its gold based, no virtual money.

Rules are simple, mostly common sense on a friendly server

*No griefing, stealing or killing

*Don’t break mob spawners, don’t leave flying trees and remember to replant stuff

*Talk to thy neighbour before settling down or borrowing farms. And respect signs of no passage

*Don’t build things on spawn that makes it to easy for new players, looks horrible or lags the server

*No cheat mods like x-ray and radar (if you want to use a minimap-mod, you need to turn of underground-map, nether-map, mob radar and such)

Discord is: http://ift.tt/2tyfh1K Most communication about the server, are via the text chats on the discord group, so it’s highly recommended to join. Even if it’s just to ask someone to pick up your stuff when you died.

To get whitelisted you need to answer a few questions here: http://ift.tt/2sHcsYz You also need to comment on this post or send me a pm, so I can give you a feedback on your test.

Subbreddit: http://ift.tt/2w4X0LN