Craftopia [Semi-Vanilla][SMP][PVE]{1.12.1}{Greylist}{18+}…

Craftopia [Semi-Vanilla][SMP][PVE]{1.12.1}{Greylist}{18+}

Welcome to Craftopia. We are a fairly new server, about a month old, but its owners and staff are not. We are an 18+ server, that are looking for members to help this community grow and thrive. We have posted once before, and have gotten some very good, friendly players, but are looking to add more to our community! Craftopia has gone through a lot of ups and downs, ins and outs and its time for a fresh start. Fresh massive world, fresh spawn (with a Nether Hub to connect your bases *Staff will be available for assisting) Fresh economy that will be discussed with the whole community as we grow.

What does Craftopia hope to achieve?

  • A safe haven for adults after a stressful day at work.

  • A place, without nagging kids bothering you for a TP or items

  • No filters. No rules on language as long as it is not hateful/racist.

  • Community-driven projects (towns/Cities, help each other with resources, gear) build friendships!

We’re looking for others with the same passion for nice builds and a community setting. We are attempting to keep it “mostly” Vanilla with protections.

Basic Rules

  • Do not use hacked clients (X-ray, speed, fly) You will be banned without warning. Optifine/minimap is acceptable

    In junction with first bullet: NO exploits that duplicate items, blocks, money (rail generators for example) Members will get 1 warning, and asked to remove the machine. Second offense is bannable

  • Be respectful of staff and other players

  • Please do not ask for items/gear. The owners and staff play in survival like all members do.

  • No grieving. We all hate coming online to stolen items/broken builds

  • Do not settle within 100 blocks of another player…let them have room to expand

  • Please do not destroy the ecosystem. Replant trees, breed animals before you slaughter a whole field.

  • Have Fun

Come check us out @ Take a look around, chat with other members, see if it’s a good fit for you. If you like it, head over to our website @ and apply to become a full fledged member!