Clockmc [PvP] {Towny} {Economy} Hi my name is Zook owner of…

Clockmc [PvP] {Towny} {Economy}

Hi my name is Zook owner of clockmc. ever sense I have bought minecraft in 2009 I have always wanted to run a place with players from all over. Recently after getting my first job I decided to go through with the dream and buy a server. How about we learn what clockmc has to offer. Shall we?

Clockmc is a hard towny war server. What does that mean? well it means that the server is a towny server with war. Kind of like factions does. War starts on the first of every month and last to the 31st day of the month. If the month does not have a 31st then the war will keep on raging for a second month. We also dont have insane rules We also have numerous plugins like essentials silkspawners crazy crates and more. we also have a discord, that you can join once you join the server.

I only ask that you join and have fun. Dont like us not a problem we are always open to suggestion on the discord The server Ip is Or you can use the sub domain