A/VR Craft [Semi-vanilla][SMP]{1.12}{Vivecraft…

A/VR Craft [Semi-vanilla][SMP]{1.12}{Vivecraft Supported}{Survival}

IP: avrcraft.ddns.net:25565 [REQUIRED VERSION: 1.12 – NOT 1.12.1]

A/VR Craft is a survival multiplayer server that aims to stick close to vanilla play. We do, however, have some plugins to discourage griefing/cheating, such as a land claiming system. This is a family-friendly server, so please refrain from using inappropriate language or building inappropriate structures. We hope to see you there!

We have a Discord channel as well. There is information inside the main spawn building that will allow you to join it.


  1. First and foremost, we are all here to have fun. So HAVE FUN!

  2. This is a family friendly server, so please don’t use any inappropriate language or build any inappropriate structures.

  3. Please, no griefing. It makes you and me be not friends. So please don’t.

  4. Don’t steal from other players. It makes you and them be not friends. And me too. So don’t do that either.

  5. No harassing people. If someone does something that you don’t like, try to resolve it with them. If the issue continues, private message a staff member. If none are online, “/mail send” works too.

  6. No cheating either. Seriously. someone will end up getting upset, and we don’t like that here.

  7. No x-ray. Technically this falls under cheating, but it deserves its own special category. And let’s be honest, who wants to feel like they’re way up high and simultaneously on solid ground anyway? That’d be terrifying.

  8. No unnecessary drama. In fact, no drama at all. Except TV shows. Drama TV shows are fine.

NOTE: The max player count at any given time is 50 for now, but it might be expanded in the future.