Adulting [Vanilla] {text-discord} {21+} {whitelist} {community…

Adulting [Vanilla] {text-discord} {21+} {whitelist} {community city at spawn}

Are you a chill adult who wants to help build a city and/or also have your own build outside of the city with a road to the spawn city? Then join up! There is currently one or two larger builds out in the periphery of the city and you can put your castle, treehouse, villiage, prison, etc out there as well. This is an organic and growing city.

We are several acquaintances from a previous server and a few new folks that would love to build an even stronger community of adults that are just trying to hang out after work and build a city. What kind of a city? Spawn city (yet to be named) is just your average city, we want houses, infrastructure, public works, churches, libraries, schools, etc. We also are working on a pretty cool Nether region (pun intended). We want creative input and new players who can work in a collaborative style but still be able to insert plenty of personal style and trademarks. Players are just chill adults and are looking for the same.

Our website is available at: Once whitelisted, that is also the server address.

A great potential new player would be playing when most other folks are also on. We are US based but range from east coast to west coast and most of us have 9-5 day jobs. We are looking for adults that are self-supportive in order to commiserate with the struggles of daily life while we drink vodka tonics and build stuff. We don’t play all the time, but we do try an have someone online after work everyday. The group dynamics and friendships on the server are the most important part, we are looking for people to part of our community, and for new friends. Applications are on the website. Don’t PM but feel free to up vote and comment!

Our rules are simple:

  • When in doubt, the golden rule. We are a cooperative server.
  • Near spawn build small and conservative, we want to welcome new folks and we don’t want an intense metro area, at least not in the very beginning. Outside of spawn, builds can get bigger.
  • Play along to get along. We are kind folks full of grace, but we want folks with a similar play style and general attitude to us.
  • We OP everyone so you can use spectator mode and occasionally TP or LOCATE. If you cheat or go creative you WILL be banned without warning. This is your warning.