Hermertia [Semi-Vanilla] {Whitelist} {Roleplay} Visit us on…

Hermertia [Semi-Vanilla] {Whitelist} {Roleplay}

Visit us on www.hermertia.com to create an account and make an application!

We are a community of players, who have been playing together for over years now. To spice up the usual survival gameplay, we included roleplay elements. Parts of the map are divided in different countries. These have their own citizen, which interact with each other and foreigners. The thematic topic is “medieval/asian fantasy”.
The average age is proably around the mid twenties, with a couple of exceptions above that and a few below that. We communicate over our Website and Discord. Every few weaks we come together for Co-Op builds and/or PvP Battles, which are lore related.

For a quick and inspiring overview of our Server, watch our trailer:   Trailer  

Some Examples from various cities across the Empire: Album of Capital Cities.

A detailed example of one of our cities is Dunn, which is located in the Kingdom of Perth.

Server Summary

  • 1: World Building Lore Server
  • 2: Voice Chat Discord
  • 3: Community of friends
  • 4: Dedicated Forums
  • 5: Light Elements of RP
  • 6: No griefing/cheating
  • 7: Application Required

If you are interested in our server and want to join our awesome community, apply on our Website!


Server Address: Will be forwarded to you after the Application. Server Hosted Location: USA Game Play Type: Vanilla Survial Version: 1.11.2