Dartpace [PvP] [Semi-Vanilla] {CoreProtect} {Jobs} {McMMO}…

Dartpace [PvP] [Semi-Vanilla] {CoreProtect} {Jobs} {McMMO} {eConomy} {Mounts} {New}

Dartpace is a Minecraft server we, a group of friends, made for fun. However after a while we chose to reset the map, install various plugins and remove the whitelist after deciding what direction we wish the server to go in. We have plugins for claiming zones for secure building, we also use McMMO, economy, pets/mounts, and a few other plugins. We’ve tried to balance everything well aswell as having a market enabling players to skill up a job and sell their wares to other players.

Currently it’s mostly Survival, however we are considering adding Factions/Towny to open up for more PvP. Either way, it’s possible to claim a secure area for your house if you wish to focus more on soloplay.

We don’t have much custom things apart from our website which is in beta, however we plan to add on things such as mcmmo rankings with badges etc and integrating other parts of the game into the webserver aswell.

Anyone is welcome to join, if you wish to be a part of an early community(and earn the Veteran rank) aswell as being able to influence how the server is made from start with new plugin suggestions etc before the server has fully been shaped you should join us:

ip: (or play.dartpace.com:25565)