Stormshire [SMP] {TARDIS} {MCMMO} {JOBS} {Slimefun}…

Stormshire [SMP] {TARDIS} {MCMMO} {JOBS} {Slimefun} {Griefprevention}

RULES [1] Don’t be a dick. [2] No Bullying. [3] No Racism or slurs. [4] No Griefing. [5] No Spamming/Trolling. (Don’t feed the trolls!)


We’re a newly opened bukkit 1.12.1 server with a lot of fun plugins. New world, new spawn, and access to TARDIS for everyone (just build it yourself). Tardis’s will spawn their own world so you never have to worry about someone accidentally mining into your tardis. We’ve got all the Slimefun stuff, including ores, food, and barrels.

Our staff is there to assist you. We’re always open to new ideas for fun plugins to add, if you suggest them to one of our staff we’ll check it out. Might even add it!

We try to ensure that our members can have fun and feel like they’re part of a community. Our staff are a part of this community just like your local Police. They’re there to help the players of the server, not act as gods and they are held accountable for their actions just as everyone else on the server is.

Hope to see you soon!

Any questions? Just ask.