Killion Detention Center[Modded]{1.12}{Prison}{1.8 PvP} IP:…

Killion Detention Center[Modded]{1.12}{Prison}{1.8 PvP}


Killion is back! We have a new owner his name is JigglyJohn and we have custom stuff such as a custom guard feel and other things. We are going the full classic way but still having a few custom things. Come check us out at Or come on our forums

We are a classic prison server that likes to have fun! We stick to non OP prisons and we are trying to bring back the glory days of minecraft prison servers!

Join the server as a new player and start out as a C rank. Mine in the ghetto mine and vote to gain $15,000 to rank up to the next rank!

B prisoner, you made it out of C this is arguably the hardest jump from C to B. Enjoy new a larger cells and the big sugarcane farm! Gain $35,000 to rank up to A!

Once you get to A you get a sneak peak into freedom! Look strait ahead into the open world! Go into the dangerous mob farm and gain experience. In A and B you get better mines and in turn better PvP gear. You need $65,000 to be an Elite Prisoner

Once an Elite Prisoner, the guards will leave you alone. Elite is minimum security. You get the best mine on the server other than donator but it’s pretty close! Once you reach this rank you will have good gear and you get your very own mob farm and very big cells! You need to obtain $100,000 to gain your freedom.

Free rank, Ahhh finally gained your freedom. Go into the free word, gain experience and come back and fight the guards. At this rank you have the best chance of getting accepted as a guard, or mod.


  1. No Hacks

  2. Be nice

  3. No racism / homophobia