SWAN Survival [Semi-Vanilla] [PVE] {Survival} {1.12.1} {Custom…

SWAN Survival [Semi-Vanilla] [PVE] {Survival} {1.12.1} {Custom Crafting Recipes} {Lockette} {Discord}


Server IP: swans.us.to:26307

Server Subreddit (Mainly used for Wiki): /r/swansurvival

Server Discord: http://ift.tt/2vQHUZx


We at SWAN Survival want to provide a friendly community that anyone can join and have fun with. We aim to provide a family friendly experience and discourage swearing. Almost the entire server is driven by community, except for a couple of the ranks. The market is player run and built on trust, changes to the server are often decided by the community, and we try to involve the community in any server changes or events.

In the past month we have had a slow decline in players, but we’d like to get the numbers back up. There are a few who have stayed with us, and we welcome everyone with open arms. 🙂

What Makes Us Semi-Vanilla

A few plugins change the normal Vanilla survival experience. ChopTree allows for the breaking of all logs and leaves from a tree, making harvesting wood and saplings very easy. CustomRecipes allows us to add in or change default recipes in the game (like changing the stairs recipe output from 4 to 8). LockettePro allows users to protect their stuff if they’re scared someone may steal their things. Any stealing or griefing can be rolled back using CoreProtect. RandomTeleport allows players to occasionally randomly teleport across the world. We also have BetterBeds, which makes only 50% of people sleeping necessary.



  • Advertise
  • Steal (Includes killing in order to steal)
  • Grief
  • Cheat (This includes x-ray, duplicators, hacks, etc., but Optifine/UI mods are fine)
  • Discuss religion, politics, or controversial topics in general (Some exceptions)


  • Be nice to all players
  • Explore
  • Be civil
  • Speak English in the public chat
  • Avoid swearing