RENMX [SMP] {Towny}{1.12.2-1.13.2}{UK} Quick …

RENMX [SMP] {Towny}{1.12.2-1.13.2}{UK}

Quick Information

  • Server Name: RENMX
  • Server Locale: United Kingdom, London
  • Website:
  • Server Address/IP:
  • Version: 1.12.2 (1.13.2 protocol support)
  • Game Play Types: [SMP] {Towny}
  • Additional Worlds: Anarchy, Creative, Skyblock (We use BungeeCord)
  • PVP Status: Off by default, players have to enable it to PVP.

General Description

RENMX is a professionally run eight year old survival towny server with an active community. We are a medium sized server with between 15 to 25 players online at our peaks.

We own our server hardware and have not wiped our survival map since April 2012! – There is no chance of us going away and your creations will stay available on our survival map for years to come.

Our players and staff are friendly and approachable, we work hard to maintain a fun inclusive environment that encourages social play. You won’t find staff abusing their power, nor will you find players acting out or receiving attention for bad behaviour.

If you would like to read our rules you can find them at and you can find our full user guide intended for players at if you have any specific questions feel free to write those in a comment to this post.

You can also join our discord group at where we have a lot of discussions and many channels.

Unique Features

We have two admin ranked programmers at RENMX and we work tirelessly to bring fun and engaging experiences to our server both through in-game plugins and web applications on our website. Not novelties but things you’ll actually find useful. Below is a list of some of our custom features.

  • Warehouse An unlimited storage for all your materials which supports automatic inventory management!
  • Cards Discover, acquire and collect more than 240 unique cards that have redeemable effects, items, abilities and custom artwork
  • Auctions Buy, auction and sell in-game items and cards with other players
  • Shop Buy and invest in items and abilities with in-game money for love and profit
  • Referrals Invite your friends to our server and earn in-game money while doing it
  • Payme Earn in-game money each minute just by playing. You can also increase how much you earn per minute through cards, votes and referrals.
  • Betting Bet your in-game money on our jackpot for your chance to win big!
  • Easter Eggs Hidden around our spawn you’ll find more than 25 playable puzzles. Each one is hand built by our players and staff with unique cards available for completing them.
  • Reporter Had your décor forcibly altered? Want to take over an abandoned build? Then our /report system has you covered, simply typing /report <message> will see your problem resolved quickly.
  • Private Messaging Our custom private messaging system works cross-server with single and group chat support, including contact lists, user/group aliases and fully browsable/searchable message history!
  • + Many More We have plenty more custom features including our passwordless web login system, chat helper bot, votifier system, player build image gallery, admin control panel, pvp toggler and custom craft recipes but to name a few

Common Features / General Amenities

We make use of many common plugins that provide standard features players have come to expect including private messaging, mailing, teleporting, web-based real-time mapping, in-game player operated chest-shops, colour formatted chat, block logging and so forth.

In addition to these common features we also offer facilities including a forum, Discord, IRC chat and a steam group.


As our rules are always being improved I would urge you to read our full and upto date rule list at our website but I have summarised the key points into the following paragraph

Don’t touch things that don’t belong to you, be nice to fellow players, don’t hassle players or staff, don’t spam in chat, don’t share links to adult content, no trolling, harassing, insulting, sexism, racism, homophobia or ageism and no advertising. Swearing is allowed but not excessively.

Server Specifications and Backup Policy

We own and self-host all the hardware listed below, none of it is rented so there is no danger of us closing down due to a lack of donations.

Main Server:

CPU: Dual Intel XEON E5-2667 v2’s which each have 8 Cores / 16 Threads / 3.6-4GHz with 25MB of L3 Cache.
RAM: 8 x 8GB (64GB) of DDR3 ECC RAM setup in an 8 Channel configuration (102.4GB/s).
SSD’s: 1 x Samsung 512GB 850 Pro (OS/Databases) and 1 x Samsung 256GB 850 Pro (Minecraft).
Hard Disks: 6 x 2TB Samsung Hard Drives in RAID6 + 4TB Toshiba External Hard Drive, both for Backups only.
Network Card: Intel X540-T2 Dual 10Gb/s networking

Backup Server:

CPU: Single Intel Core i7 3930K which has 6 Cores / 12 Threads / 3.2-3.8GHz with 12MB of L3 Cache.
RAM: 8 x 4GB (32GB) of DDR3 RAM setup in a 4 Channel configuration (52.6GB/s).
SSD’s: 2 x 120GB Corsair Neutron GTX SSD’s (OS/Databases and Minecraft).

Enterprise Router:

CPU: Single Intel Core i5 4590S which has 4 Cores / 4 Threads / 3.0-3.6GHz with 6MB of L3 Cache.
RAM: 4 x 4GB (16GB) of DDR3 RAM setup in a 2 Channel configuration (25.6GB/s).
Network Card: Intel X540-T2 Dual 10Gb/s networking.
Internet Connectivity: 400Mb/ps uncapped internet access.

Uninterruptible Power Supply:

UPS: CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD which gives us 900 Watts of peak power draw with a 1500 VA rating. At current specifications (Main Server + Router, Switch and Modem on the UPS) we have 21 minutes of run-time in the event of a power failure to the building.

Backup Policy:

We take server backups very seriously and our approach consists of hourly and daily snapshots with 200 day retention. We backup absolutely everything and that means the entirety of both our SSD’s – The ones that we store Minecraft, our Databases and our Operating System on.

Backups are performed to the 6 x 2TB RAID6 Array noted above with a secondary backup to a single 4TB external hard drive connected directly to the server via USB. We do frequent tests on our backups to make sure they are functioning correctly and are readable.

Pictures and Videos

If you would like to see images of our server before you join you can do so at these are images submitted by our players. You can also visit our official YouTube channel at

Thank you for reading our server post and I hope to see you in-game!

AVG IronCraft [Semi-Vanilla] {Dynmap} {Whiteli…

AVG IronCraft [Semi-Vanilla] {Dynmap} {Whitelist} {18=+}

No pay to win. No ranks garbage. No land Claim Crap. Its Vanilla with buffed mobs.

Our server is lag free and located in Canada

Dedicated Server:

Group run i7 8700k 4.7 ghz, 1gbps, 64 gb ddr4, Samsung 970 Pro PCIe SSD

1.13.2. (18+only/25+ Encouraged) Hard Settings. True Survival. Vanilla. PvE

Join Adult Video Gamers’ new dedicated server! Application below.

This is unlike most servers. If you are looking for a different Minecraft experience, this might be for you. We play on Hard settings with buffs added to some mobs. We are building a town together and hop you will join us.


Zombies have 200% HP and 300% attack, will hunt you from 150 blocks 7.5x standard range + will call for backup when attacked 25% of the time.

Skeletons have 200% HP and will hunt you from 150 blocks 7.5x standard range

Phantoms Have 300% Attack.

Enderman Have 200% HP

Here are the rules of the IronCraft World:

  1. NO AFK fish farming. NO Mods, NO Cheats, No Cheat Glitches.
  2. No ON/OFF water mob farms allowed/No Sky Mob Farms.
  3. Only overland non AFK xp farms. No Nether/End based XP farms
  4. All players are given a 30×35 town plot. Please build in the town before building personal bases away.
  5. A mic is required for age verification.
  6. No griefing or stealing. Do not duplicate.
  7. Only engage in PvP if you have the other player’s permission.
  8. If you cause a creeper explosion, repair the damage.
  9. Do not go into other players’ houses without permission.
  10. All trades with villages must be done in town. All other trading villagers will be killed.
  11. No floating trees.
  12. While you’re out exploring, be tidy. If you dig a huge hole to make concrete, fill it back up; if you create some temporary scaffolding out of dirt and gravel, tear it down when you’re done, etc.
  13. When Reading these rules we ask that you write .snowman. in the discord chat.
  14. When spawning a Wither please let a mod know prior to doing so and the approx location. Please refrain from doing so near populated/built up areas.
  15. Please build bases at least 1,000 blocks away from town. Our game zone is 5,000 blocks from spawn 0,0 for a total of 10,000 by 10,000 blocks.
  16. Talk to moderators before going to the end about arranging a time to fight the dragon as a team.

Friendly, Mature Community Helpful Administrators Bustling Town Player Shops 📷 Open 24/7 📷Hi-Res DynMap (view the server map in your browser) 📷 CoreProtect (anti-grieifing and anti-cheating plugin) 📷DiscordSRV (to connect Discord & in-game chat) 📷 Map Size: 10k block world border


Requirements:-Discord-Must be 18+ (26+ preferred)

Application (submit your answers by replying to this post):

  1. IGN:
  2. Age:
  3. How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
  4. Favorite television show:

Cake – A new 1.14 server [Vanilla] {Survival} …

Cake – A new 1.14 server [Vanilla] {Survival} {Whitelist} {Discord}

I’m so excited for 1.14 and after seeing the latest snapshot I cannot wait any longer, so here’s a new server! It’s a vanilla game and I’d like to invite 10-15 friendly players to join 🙂 I will also make a discord server. (Voice comms is not a requirement, it’s just so that we can keep in touch more easily.) European players are preferred due to time zones. Leave a comment here or PM me directly if you are interested 🙂

Game mode: Survival

Difficulty: Easy

PvP: Off

Whitelist: On

Version: Latest snapshot

Mods: None


  1. Be nice

  2. Don’t be a dick (see rule #1)

PS4. Does anyone know a seed that has a big is…

PS4. Does anyone know a seed that has a big island surrounded by a lot of ocean?

Retextured trident that explodes on impact

Retextured trident that explodes on impact

&ldquo;Shh! I&rsquo;m in disguise&hellip;&rdqu…

“Shh! I’m in disguise…”

QuasiSMP [SMP][Semi-Vanilla]{Surviaval}{Discor…

QuasiSMP [SMP][Semi-Vanilla]{Surviaval}{Discord}{Snapshots}{Whitelist}

Hello! Here at Quasi we’re very open to everyone and want people to make friends and have a great time playing Minecraft! We’re a very small comunity hoping to expand and meet new people and start great adventures together.


On the server, you will experience some cool and helpful additions like HermitCraft vanilla additions, 100+ custom advancements to spice up the game and some custom crafting recipes to help the players in some form! If you choose to join, you’ll get a spreadsheet of the recipes. More will be coming to the server soon to keep things fresh.

We’d like everyone’s personal styles to show on the server! We’re very open to what people build and love to see what people can do!


We also use the following.. – More stairs from crafting (8 stairs instead of 6) – Universal Dyeing – Multiplayer Sleep (Hermitcraft Version) – More Mob Heads – No Enderman Grief – Double Shulker Shells – Double Slab Crafting – Dragon Drops Elytra – Custom Armor Stands (Though some may not work in the snapshots)!



DO NOT grief anyone’s builds unless you are given permission.

Pranking is allowed but if the prank is very big, expect to clean it up yourself.

DO NOT make fun or bully anyone.

DO NOT be mean. Respect everyone and they’ll respect you.

DO NOT use a mod that will give you an advantage over other players (optifine, minimap, organization and visual mods are ok). Ask a member of staff if you can use a specific mod.

Repair all mob griefing instances. Especially Creeper holes!

DO NOT kill anyone unless all parties involved agree on it.

If anyone is harming your experience on the server, talk to a person in power I.E a mod or an owner.

Age isn’t a problem for us but we’d like for you to act mature.


If you’d like to join, give me a message with your Discord “username#number”!

There will be a verbal “interview”. It’s just going to be a little chat so we can get to know you a little!

Thanks for taking your time to read this and we hope to see you on the server! 🙂



Hello! [Wanted] [Vanilla] Me and a few friend…

Hello! [Wanted] [Vanilla]

Me and a few friends are looking for a chill MC server to come play in. I’ve recently started to maybe want to come back to minecraft after years due to just being plain sick of it. I know if I can find a server I like I’ll probably end up staying, but if I can’t I’ll probably quit minecraft again.

I have a few things I am looking for:

-The server must be running v1.8 or older(don’t care which version of 1.8). I absolutely hate 1.9 and on.

-Ideally it includes Factions and MCMMO, as well as the ability to /tpa. I prefer as vanilla as possible. I don’t mind economy, but I dislike custom enchantments and anything along those lines.

-Chill server, with friendly people. We want to be able to build a cool base without fear of constant griefing, though we do not mind faction warring.

-Size isn’t a big concern, but as long as the server is reasonably lag free I’m happy. (I’m NA)

-Ideally I don’t want a dead server. Anything from around 15/20+ regulars I am fine with.

If your server fits these, feel free to comment. I’m flexible with anything except the v1.8 thing. I absolutely will not touch a 1.9 server or newer.

BlueShift Server [Semi-vanilla] {Whitelist} {S…

BlueShift Server [Semi-vanilla] {Whitelist} {Small-community}

Our server holds a rather small group of people, consisting mostly of adult players (20+) and several younger folks. We mostly enjoy building aspect of Minecraft, a lot of us being quite good and artistic about their builds. We keep our world clean (for example, we use resource world for getting materials in big quantities, to not scar the main world). Our place have always been a family friendly environment and we would like to keep it that way, with no drama or toxicity. Server is entirely volunteer run, we do not have ranks and keep the experience very close to vanilla Minecraft with a few enhancements.

The server have been up for 1.5 years. We never had too much traffic going like bigger servers do, instead keeping it small and tight-knit. Probably not the best place if you seek for bustling activity, but perfect if your play style is more chill and slow-paced. We currently have two worlds:

  • 1.13 one is currently our main world. It is around 5 months old and was opened just after 1.13 release.

  • Old world (without 1.13 ocean structures yet). The idea of that one is to never reset it, keeping all the builds and memories there and free to explore. Some of the guys also have unfinished projects going on there.

Some media

  • You strongly advised to join our Discord, since it’s our main way of announcing things. We also have Discord-Minecraft bridge so you can see and participate in Minecraft chat without being in-game.

  • Live map of our worlds: Dynmap

  • We use our subreddit to showcase interesting builds or share other things.

Before you apply…

If you are a kind of person that logs in, does their thing, ignoring everything happening around, and then logs off – probably our place isn’t for you. Also, our server does not fit younger folks too well, if you are not 18+ please consider if you really want to join us. I’m happy to make exceptions, but you have to explain why do you think our place would fit you.


Best to PM it to me.

  • Why would you like to join? Be creative with your post and do your best to introduce yourself. That’s the only way to see what kind of person you are!

  • Feel free to attach some of your builds. Not required but totally awesome to see what others can do.

  • Age, timezone.

  • If you haven’t heard any response back in two days, that probably means we can’t accept you for some reason. Sorry!


Simple: be excellent to each other (common sense, really: be polite and mature, don’t steal or grief, etc).