High Harbour [Vanilla][SMP]{PersistentMap} Co…

High Harbour [Vanilla][SMP]{PersistentMap}

Connect to play.highharbour.net

Join us at discord.gg/MwSzXTj

HIGH HARBOUR is the right server for you to live in. Have fun collecting ALL the MOB HEADS. Create amazing builds to show off to your friends. Check the server detais bellow.

| Vanilla | Survival | Persistent | Hard | .sethome | .home | .tpa | keepInventory true | doFireTick false | mobGriefing false | Day skipper | World Border @ 255k | No Griefing | No Raiding | PvE | Consented PvP |

| Shared server hardware | Random teleport up to 2k | Build over 10k for safety | maxEntityCramming 24 | Keep Entity count around player under 150 | Respect all players | Keep Swearing Low | No Spam | No Advertising | No Hacking | English preferred language | All languages allowed |

HIGH HARBOUR is a server for players that respect others according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the extent that it can be abided by inside an online game.

Welcome and have fun.

Argent Gaming [Semi-vanilla] [Hub] [Creative] …

Argent Gaming [Semi-vanilla] [Hub] [Creative]

IP: argentgaming.ga OR Welcome to Argent Gaming! We have three different game modes to offer, survival, creative and skyblock, with more to come. all game modes come with their own distinct challenges and separate worlds.

Ever wanted to be trapped on a tiny island with minimal resources? Look no further than our awesome skyblock server. Play solo, or with friends. If you like a challenge, you’ll love our Skyblock islands!

We also have a creative server. Be as creative as you want and create whatever comes to your mind from a small house to a whole castle, a figure or an oasis. All players have the ability to merge plots together if you need more room! The plot types are flat, islands with super flat terrain!

Rules: No Griefing Raiding is allowed No hacked clients Do NOT disrespect other players or staff No X-ray texture packs/ clients allowed

Join our Argent Gaming Family today, we’d love to have you part of our server!

From the staff of Argent Gaming.

IP: argentgaming.ga OR

Constantiam [Semi-Vanilla][Anarchy] {No Rules}…

Constantiam [Semi-Vanilla][Anarchy] {No Rules}{No Resets}{1.12.2}

You can join right now using: constantiam.net

Constantiam is a semi-vanilla server around 21 months old running 1.12.2 with no whitelist.
The server is survival with PvP enabled and the goal of never resetting the map.
It has an infinite Minecraft map size, no rules, no moderators or staff. This is pure Minecraft.

There is a varied regular community on the server with many that have played since the start.

The size of the map file is currently 524GB.

Absolutely no gameplay rules, anything is permitted.

Home Page

Thanks to 1.13, we can now easily simulate the…

Thanks to 1.13, we can now easily simulate the solar system!

Made myself a great map wall

Made myself a great map wall



Server Name: MewCraft

Server Locale: US

Website: MewCraft

Server Address/IP: mewcraft.xyz

Game Play Type’s: [SMP]

Now with economic reset! Come join the best survival server! We have no lag and many great and unique features to learn about and enjoy! Or if you would prefer, you can simply random teleport and start up a base just like in vanilla. The world border is 500k with 200k random teleport, so there will never be a shortage of ores and places to expore!

We have active staff who enjoy helping and answering any questions you might have. We allow cursing and profanity as long as it isnt excessive and without purpose, and our rules are easily accessible once on the server.

We are still new and growing, but the community we have so far is a great and helpful one, and we would love you to be a part of it!


Please don’t ask for OP or Staff upon joining.

Hacking, glitching or spamming is not allowed.

Cursing is allowed, but not excessively.

Griefing, raiding and PVP is allowed outside of specially protected areas, such as spawn or landclaimed areas.

Plugins: [Essentials] [GriefPrevention] [SilkSpawners] [CrazyAuctions][ShopChest] [WorldGuard][CrazyEnchantments][MobEggDrop]



Server Name: AfterDark

Server Locale: US

Server Address/IP: AfterDark.Space

Game Play Type’s: [Hardcore]

We are a hardcore deathban server that allows and encourages griefing, raiding and pvp. Be careful who you trust, as your alliances can end up being your downfall.

We have random teleport, crazy enchantments, silk spawners and mob spawn egg drops to add to the fun of vanilla minecraft. Survive and thrive in the harshest of conditions, and ensure you are the strongest.

You only get one life, if you die you are banned from the server for 12 hours. Be careful!


Please don’t ask for OP or Staff upon joining.

Hacking, glitching or spamming is not allowed.

Cursing is allowed, but not excessively.

Griefing, raiding and PVP is allowed and encouraged!

Plugins: [Essentials][SilkSpawners]][CrazyEnchantments][MobEggDrop][Deathban]

Adventure in Loknear [Vanilla][PvE]{whitelist}…

Adventure in Loknear [Vanilla][PvE]{whitelist}{Discord}

Hello all and welcome!

Adventure in Loknear is a long running Minecraft server with over 25 dedicated users. Loknear has been running since 2012 and this will be the 3rd edition in our saga.

Our 3rd world started 12-11-17 and is ready for you and your friends to conquer!

This server is whitelist only and requires an application, please private message for access.


1.No Griefing

2.No advertising other servers in chat

3.MOD permissions are given to those that earn it, do not ask to become a MOD.

Raycasting in Minecraft 17w50a, using twelve c…

Raycasting in Minecraft 17w50a, using twelve commands in two functions

PrisonEvolved [PVP][SMP] {Non-OP Prison}{New S…

PrisonEvolved [PVP][SMP] {Non-OP Prison}{New Server}{1.12}{Quests}{PlayerShop}{Discord}

Hey guys! New Server just came up! Are you tired of the “Op Prison” servers? Well, Prison Evolved is a new non-op prison server that is just like good prison days!

IP: Prisonevolved.com

Haven’t you wanted to find a Non-OP prison after all this time!? Well PrisonEvolved provides just what you’ve been looking for! We have Custom Guards, Custom Crates, Special Items, and, of course it’s all Non-OP. Rank up from Caveman Rank till you can be the very best at Millionaire!

Join now: prisonevolved.com



Current ranks include: Caveman, Egyptian, Roman, Pilgrim, and Pioneer!

Join Today!!