Builders & Tools[Anarchy]{1.12.2}{No Prote…

Builders & Tools[Anarchy]{1.12.2}{No Protection}


Builders & Tools is a brand new Minecraft anarchy server in the likeness of 2b2t. A huge world that will NEVER be reset with NO rules and NO protections. Hack, Lie, Steal, Anything goes. The server was created on 4/19/19 and we have a nice community already starting to form. Donations are optional and help pay for the server bill, but no in game advantages are offered, more info about donating in our discord.

Links & Contact

Server IP:

Owner: apex#1968


Under the Gods [Hardcore] [Anarchy] {1.13.2} …

Under the Gods [Hardcore] [Anarchy] {1.13.2}

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Under the Gods

… a dedicated psychological survival server set in an infinite jungle.

You get 1 life.


– no client mods

– no advertising / spamming

game ip:

inquiry: [](

——————————– more info ———————————-

This is a classic hardcore server.

There are no exceptions to a death ban, so try not to die 🙂

[Bedrock Edition] Island Village/End Portal -9…

[Bedrock Edition] Island Village/End Portal -930601970

The phantoms are getting smarter.

The phantoms are getting smarter.

If villagers have churches on their villages, …

If villagers have churches on their villages, who is Minecraft’s god?

A dragon altar.

A dragon altar.

With the coming of 1.14 I’ve decided to protec…

With the coming of 1.14 I’ve decided to protect my village

DreamLand [Modded] [PvE] {Exploration} {Forge}…

DreamLand [Modded] [PvE] {Exploration} {Forge} {Towny}

Welcome to DreamLand!

IP Address:

Modpack (direct download):

Modpack (technicpack):



Who are we?

If you’re looking for a modded non-PVP survival server where you will never be bored, Dreamland is the server for you! With an endless number of worlds, biomes, quests, and boss battles, Dreamland is an adventurer’s paradise. From the depths of the void to the final frontier in space, not even the sky is our limit.

While our modpack’s focus is exploration, we feature a wide variety of mods ranging from categories in technology, magic, or even just random stuff.

We are also a server of a mature community and supportive staff, which listens to its players and make necessary changes happen.

Other features:

– High performance and 24/7 uptime

– An advanced economy, dynamically-priced server shops along with player shops

– Friendly Community

– PvE and disabled PVP

– Custom Dimensions

– No Pay2Win ranks

– Towny and CoreProtect for grief prevention

– Events

– Legends

– And More!

So what are you still doing reading this post? Come on in!

Cake Craft! [SMP][Semi-Vanilla]{Whitelist}{1.1…

Cake Craft! [SMP][Semi-Vanilla]{Whitelist}{1.13.2}{Spigot}{20+}


Server Location: EU (but US works great)

Current Map Start: Roughly 2 months ago.

To apply for admission please join our discord and follow the instructions there:

About us: CakeCraft is a new vanilla server created by long time player CocoIsCoco, with the aim of becoming a relaxed close-knit community full of mature and active players. With the help of her staff, the server boasts a beautiful snow-themeed spawn area, Inn for starting players, a sizeable market area, and full grief protection with rollback capabilities. The server also restarts at 6am GMT with a 5 minute warning beforehand. We are mostly active during the EU daytime/evening hours so players from outside of the region strongely encouraged to apply- as well as anyone else who is looking for a friendly place to call home.

Rules: You must be 20+ and be respectful to your fellow players. no stealing/griefing/xraying and of course no harrassment, racism, sexism, homophobia or general nuicencery.

And lastly…

We hope to be playing alongside you soon! And don’t forget to eat cake!

NerdNu [PvE][Creative][Minigames]{1.12.2/1.13….

NerdNu [PvE][Creative][Minigames]{1.12.2/1.13.2}


  • Lobby: (1.12.2/1.13.2)
  • PvE: (1.13.2)
  • Creative: (1.12.2)
  • Minigames: (1.12.2)

We are a medium sized server, looking for players who like mostly vanilla gameplay and have a strong sense of community.

If you’ve tried many servers, and can’t find that sense of belonging that you felt when you first played Minecraft, come and visit us – we’d love to have you!

Thinking of joining us? Watch the intro video and check out our introductory post for useful info!

More information can also be found through our subreddit /r/mcpublic.

PvE – This is our non-PvP server – come along and join us! Players build in survival mode, but only need to worry about mobs! A lot of people collaborate to build towns and cities as for example seen here. Our PvE map reset on January 4th on 1.13.2!

Creative – Our creative server is mostly open world, and a mixture of naturally generated and world painted terrain. Protection is available for your builds, and WorldEdit is free for you to use, if you want to. Community events on Creative include Spleef and Speed Build on alternating Saturdays, Weekly Build, and the recently returned Group Build each Friday!

Minigames – Our minigames server hosts ongoing KOTH and CTF matches with rotating maps, custom kits and an auto-updating scoreboard (see the trailer here!). You can also view current rankings on our website.

Website || Rules || NerdNu Wiki || Creative Livemap || PvE Livemap || YouTube || Instagram