[Wanted] [Semi-vanilla] looking for a zombie s…

[Wanted] [Semi-vanilla] looking for a zombie survival server, not like all of the dayz ones.

Hi, I recently got back into playing minecraft after a fairly long break, and I am looking for a zombie survival server to play on. I used to play on one called Japura, but it has unfortunately shut down since. It was essentially a zombie survival server where they had plugins allowing an endless city, zombies that could break walls, factions that could claim buildings and such, and a lot of other stuff. After about three hours of google searching I have been unable to find any servers that have a similar setup. The closest ones all being day z or walking dead type servers. Wile these servers can be fun, they are not what I am looking for. As an alternate to what I have just described, I also enjoy the infected mode type zombie servers where players try to be the last one alive, and would also like to find some servers for that. Thank you!

This is what happens when you let villagers ta…

This is what happens when you let villagers take charge of ocean exploration.

Scariest Minecraft Map of 2018!

Scariest Minecraft Map of 2018!

EVGaming OCE [Modded] {FTB Infinity Evolved} {…

EVGaming OCE [Modded] {FTB Infinity Evolved} {Sydney Australia} {Active Playerbase} {FRESH WIPE}

The server world is due for a reset on 21/6/18, approximately 6pm.

Welcome to EVGaming.net

About us: A new community based in Sydney, Australia dedicated to providing the best gaming experiences to players in the Oceanic. While we welcome players globally, we can only guarantee an optimal experience for Australians. We use our very own hardware and have complete ownership of our warehouse located in Liverpool, dedicated to hosting our servers. Our server is moderated by a team of professional staff who do not intervene in player affairs unless absolutely necessary.

Our server: A no-frills experience with FTB Infinity Evolved 3.0.2. Play as you would in Singleplayer, with a few added guidelines and rules to improve the quality of life and consideration for other players. There are no fancy spawn zones, no fancy custom content. Play the way the modpack was meant to be played! Look in one direction and go!

Our Rules: Visit our website (www.evgaming.net) to read up on our rules and guidelines. The only rules we have are to not haphazardly generate dimensions as they may cause errors and ultimately crash the server, as well as no griefing/harassment of other players. PvP is acceptable to a degree. Other rules are just general etiquette.

We look forward to seeing you!

Website: http://www.evgaming.net Discord: https://discord.gg/6U8QGFQ

Lasagn [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelisted}{1.12.2…

Lasagn [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelisted}{1.12.2}{BiomeBundle}


Lasagn is a white/greylisted SMP server established June 8, 2018. We are a very new server with a dedicated community that is looking for some new players. Some of our big features are a crazy terrain generator and a starting community of 100+ people. We hope that through our adventures on this new server, we create an active, big, and friendly community! We would love to have you join and help create a bangin environment for everyone!

What we have to offer:

-Soft Border – You will be able to explore to your hearts content, but everything outside the 10k soft border will be deleted regularly 🙂

-Semi Vanilla – This server is running Spigot and we have only added plugins that have NO effect on the vanilla feel. So NO tpa, land protecting, or any plugins altering vanilla mechanics.

-New terrain generation – This terrain was generated by a mod that goes by BiomeBundle. We pre-generated a 7k radius around spawn, in hopes that you will have a joyous exploring and inspirational experience. We are also implementing an additional 3k block radius on top of BiomeBundle that will include the new 1.13 oceans and generations! So whether you’re looking for some sweet generation to take up residence in, or some new oceans to build a crazy seafort, we got the place for you!

-Dedicated Server – It is hosted by a reliable minecraft hosting company, meaning that we should have 100% up-time and upgradable specs (Message a mod/staff for server info if you’d like).

-Whitelisted – Filtered out griefers and trolls

-Close knit community – We aren’t like those servers that accept you on and never talk to you again. We love the community on the server and the staff are very welcoming to new people!


1. Respect other players and don’t be a rude dude. If you have any problems with players contact a mod or staff.

2. No game changing mods, this is a vanilla server. Things like JourneyMap, BetterVillagerTrading, and most QOL mods are fine, but anything that’ll give you an unfair advantage (X-ray, PVP hacks, etc) or server-side is not allowed.

3. Don’t ruin peoples experience. So don’t be annoying or intrusive and let people do what they want if it is not breaking the rules.

4. The answer to the last question on the application is “Penguin” 🙂

5. Don’t grief. Pranks are fine, but destruction of property, non-consensual PVP, and stealing are not.

6. Don’t steal. If the chest isn’t marked free, or you don’t have explicit permission from the owner, don’t take from it.

Want to join? We are looking for players who want to enjoy building and enjoying the game. We are currently accepting ages 16+, but also expect a high level of maturity from everyone. Too apply, simply click here and fill out an application and head over to the discord!


Staff Hilltest, Omgtrees, Jun

If you have any further questions, check us out on the discord

ThirdRock [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{20+}{…

ThirdRock [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{20+}{Discord}

Welcome to ThirdRock

Welcome to ThirdRock, our cooperatively focused Minecraft community! Whether we are questing into the great unknown or building together, we seek to foster a feeling of community and acceptance. To aid in this, our server has a strict application process and a hard age limit to ensure it remains a relaxed, mature environment for all of our community to enjoy. We are currently looking to find/maintain 8-12 regulars on the server and will be advertising as needed over the course of the world’s lifespan. We currently have a strong community that has been growing steadily and we look forward to welcoming new members into our ranks now that we’ve just started a new world. Come join in on the fun!

Server Rules

  • Please no pranking, griefing, stealing, or looting of people’s stuff (all bannable offenses)
  • Please respect all community builds (you are benefiting from someone else’s hard work, don’t forget that)
  • Please respect the land around spawn and other’s bases (Ex. no clear cutting, floating trees, etc.)
  • Please build a respectful distance from your neighbors (Discord PM them, if need be)
  • Please build a shut off into large Redstone devices and turn them off when not in use
  • Please avoid breaking mob spawners unless absolutely necessary (they are irreplaceable after all)
  • Please [properly link up](http://www.mavenspun.com/games/minecraft/index.htm) all nether portals you make
  • Please expect world resets roughly every 4-6 months to keep things fresh (ample notice will be given)
  • Please check the subreddit/Discord frequently to be notified of events, join in on discussions and see server announcements

Server Configurations

Our Minecraft server has been configured to be best suited for the type of world we wish to create. A list of the important changes [can be found here](https://redd.it/8h1zi5) (scroll down to ‘Server Configurations’).

Application Guidelines

  • We are looking for people that are 20+ with ‘community focused’ mindsets. If we find out you are too young to be on the server, you will be immediately banned. No exceptions.
  • We are a cooperative focused server with a strict world border, so you should be interested in working with others for builds and events. Our main focus in our current world is building together to create a wonderful spawn town full of great builds and public amenities. If that goal doesn’t sound fun to you, then turn back now.
  • We rely heavily on our Discord Voice Server (info in the r/ThirdRockSMP sidebar) for inter-community communication and just hanging out. Please have Discord installed and load it up frequently so that you can interact with the community as a whole. 🙂
  • Access to our server is not guaranteed and we reserve the right to reject any application strictly on the basis of whether or not we feel you would fit in with our community. This includes whether or not you use **proper application formatting**.
  • It may take up to 24 hours for us to respond to your application. Please be patient.

Application Formatting

  • Minecraft Name:
  • Age/Country:
  • About You:
  • Minecraft Knowledge:
  • Why do you want to join us specifically?:
  • Referred By (Optional):

Technical Information

Minecraft Version: 1.12.2

Server IP/Port:

Server Location: New York, USA

Total RAM: 4GB (Hosted VM)

Contacting an Administrator

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact u/KatelynAzurefire on Reddit or on our Discord server.

Alonissos :: My Greek inspired Island City!

Alonissos :: My Greek inspired Island City!

FlexCraft [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {Snapshot 1.13…

FlexCraft [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {Snapshot 1.13-pre2} {HermitCraft Style} {Friendly Community}


We are at the beginning, we wanna make a “crowded” community, we looking for members to join our community.

Join on the first season of FlexCraft, make new friends and enjoy the FlexCraft Server Community.


-No Griefing.

-No Stealing.

-No x-ray,fly or other forbidden cheats.

-Ask before building close to someone elese.






Do you have a YouTube/Twitch channel?(Link):

What sort of player are you ? PvP/Builder/Redstone/Minner/etc:

How long have you playing minecraft?:

Do you have any other multyplayer games?:

Anything else you would like to add:


Server IP:

Server DNS: flexcraft.scalacubes.net

Server Web: http://flexcraft.scalacubes.net/ (not ready)

TeamSpeak: soon

Discord: soon

Ezz Apply on minecraft forum: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers-java-edition/pc-servers/2909310-smp-snapshot-1-13-pre2-whitelisted-server

[Request] Anyone know of a seed with large des…

[Request] Anyone know of a seed with large desert biome next to large deep ocean biome for 1.13 world.

Paint gun (Huecharger) mechanic for a puzzle m…

Paint gun (Huecharger) mechanic for a puzzle map!